Treasure Island music festival 2009!

19 Oct

treasure island

I was there. Just for Sunday though; the day with some of my favorite bands: Grizzly Bear, Beirut, the Walkmen. So basically, it was the best day. This was my first festival, even though when it comes to concerts I’ve been around the block so to speak (I am a concert whore), so I was pretty excited. The location was beautiful: a man-made island in the San Francisco bay. It was a bit cold (obvs) but that was remedied by the intense sardine-like way all the assholes who attended this event shoved their bodies up against me to get closer to the stage. Like I said, I’ve been to a few concerts in my time, and I have never been jostled and shoved about by so many mother-effing assholes at all the single shows combined than I was at Treasure Island. Treasure Island attendees–WATCH YO SELF! YOU WERE A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES!

Now that I got that out of the way, the music! Oh the music! It was wonderful. Grizzly Bear was up first.




They sounded amazing, as I knew they would, except the bass was turned up a wee bit too much. And by wee bit, I mean I think I am permanently deaf now. During “Southern Point” everyone standing around me basically looked at each other in a collective “Holy mother of God that is loud” moment, and several people plugged their ears.

Then came Beirut.

beirut 2



They were nothing short of amazing, duh. My friend and I moved out of the ocean of assholes to feel less violated, so we didn’t have the best view (not that we did up close either, we are both short) but they still sounded great. Not to mention they had a tuba solo. A TUBA SOLO.

Lastly, The Walkmen played.

Treasure Island 027

Treasure Island 018

Treasure Island 066

I had the most fun watching them, probably because I was all the way up against the barrier! So close I could caress Paul Maroon’s sweater-and-collar shirt ensemble. They were much more lively than the last time I saw them, and they played new songs, which is all one can hope for at a live show. I danced a bit, sang a bit and had a great time.

There was a chick behind me who was also having a great time, if you call being a crazy-ass bitch ‘having a great time.’ She had platnium blonde braided pigtails, some kind of sherpa-lined pink suede jacket and a white (p)leather purse. It’s probably (is) rude to judge someone based on their looks, but when they are also screaming things like, “Come over to my house” and “Fuck us” (God knows who the ‘us’ was that she was referring to; maybe she has more than one vagina?), dancing like party boy, and fist pumping (more than once I thought I was going to take one in the back of the head), its kind of hard not think “What are you doing here? This is not a Bon Jovi concert.”

It is a fact that The Walkmen have some crazy-ass bitch fans. When I saw them at the Fillmore in January some girl threatened to jump my friend after the show because she wouldn’t let her cut in front of her. The Walkmen, you should work on that. By that, I mean stop having so many crazy-ass bitch fans.

So The Flaming Lips also performed, but we had had a long day, it was cold, and the Decemberists and Yo La Tenga were up before them (which we didn’t care about) so we left early. I don’t particularly like The Flaming Lips, but they put on some insane live shows. Here is what we missed:

flaming l


I think the pictures are sufficent. Anyway, it was a good day and I bought one of the best band tees I have ever seen:

The three-eyed cat. It should be on every shirt.

The three-eyed cat. (This is not me. This is the Grizzly Bear guitarist).

So if you see anyone wearing that around town, say HI! You never know, it might be me!

p.s.: The only pictures I took were of The Walkmen, the others I found on Flickr.


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