V for very decent

3 Nov

I just watched the premiere of V, the latest alien invasion television series (because there are so many of those) and I think it has potential. Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost) was good as usual, and that guy from Death at a Funeral and Firefly was in it too, you know, this guy:


And I think I like it so far because they didn’t insult our intelligence by explaining every little thing, but instead they are leaving loose threads to be tied later, like a show with potential is supposed to do.

There were also some gross out moments involving under-the-flesh scales and ridged crow bars, which no sci-fi (or syfy?) show is complete without.

One thing: please don’t have every male instantly fall in love with a V just because they have a smokin’ hot bod. I know it is a proven fact that boys like sex more than girls (duh), but c’mon! I’m sure they think about other things, not just pop-pop. Right?



But overall, good job show! I’m looking forward to more! (Until it goes off the air in December until March. AFTER ONLY FOUR EPISODES! Bad move ABC! Boo!)


8 Responses to “V for very decent”

  1. Matze November 12, 2009 at 8:37 pm #

    I’m glad you like it. I had it flagged as favorite on sidereel.com but I somehow forgot about it. I will definitely catch up.

    I read some early reviews and they kinda bummed me out and then a couple of weeks ago I wanted to read up on some people’s opinions on V’s IMDB board. Some rightwing nut ruined the show pretty good for me. He started a thread, comparing the aliens not to the Nazis but to the Obama administration and being full on Glenn Beck about it. Some people really know how to take the fun out of anything.

    BTW, I stopped watching FlashForward after the third episode. I downloaded the fourth one but me and my girlfriend decided to play a game with it instead. It’s called “find the frowny face”. You take turns clicking on the search bar of the video and whoever hits a frame with Fiennes making his one facial expression wins. (I won three out of four rounds on first try!)

    • itsfreckles November 12, 2009 at 8:55 pm #

      HA! That Flashforward game sounds like a classic, and someone is bound to win in about 5 seconds!!!! Yeah, the last ep I watched was the third too, and it just gets dumber and dumber.

      While I like (love) imdb, sometimes people can just be a bunch of assholes about anything. V has its pros and cons (its not amazing or anything) but at least nothing else is on Tuesday night (I watch things in real time) and hopefully it will gain momentum and get better and better. So far, its hard to tell, but i have high hopes!

      (I recently watched Shakespeare in Love because I was confused very much about how Joseph Fiennes could possibly have been the lead in such a ‘good’ movie, but then I saw it and I understood. That movie is terrible.)

  2. Matze November 12, 2009 at 10:17 pm #

    SiL (!!!) is shit? Didn’t Gwyneth Paltrow get an Oscar for that? True, that doesn’t say anything about the movie or Fiennes performance in it. When was that? ’98, ’99? (I’m not gonna wiki that up. Makes internet conversations even more insincere.) I remember it being all the rage with the girls back then. Surely, a million girls can’t be wrong.

    I read a comment on IMDB that Fiennes acting on FF reminded that person of stage acting. This tells me one of two things: Either I really don’t like theatre or people can interpret crap into anything with enough good will.

    Yeah right, IMDB is how I found out about your blog. Stupid thing always gets me riled up (IMDB, not your blog). Fanboyism, anonymity and a fistful of douchebaggery turn even the quietest geek into an internet troll. It really gets my misanthropy out. And I always have to learn it the hard way. Every two or three months I get that urge to participate in internet discussions and then after I read a page full of inane and hateful comments I get really sad. And then I get angry. And anger leads to suffering. (Little Star Wars reference for you there!)

    • itsfreckles November 12, 2009 at 11:46 pm #

      Yes! Imdb can be incredibly frusterating sometimes when people come along and drop their little comment turds in the dark and then disappear. I just wish people could have more civilized discussions about shows/movies without getting up in arms like its their child or something that is being debated. Mostly I just have to stay away otherwise I end up getting upset over very silly things, and some people are just unrelenting (I remember one time when a person on the Dark Knight board (around the time the movie came out) would not stop insisting that a guy Harvey Dent was torturing toward the end of the movie was actually Scarecrow when you could literally see the actor’s imdb page and his name did not contain either ‘Cillian’ or ‘Murphy’. (The guy was one of Joker’s crazies who was dressed up as a cop, and he sorta looked like Cillian Murphy if you couldn’t see things good) I don’t know I you know what I’m talking about at all, but anyway, the point is that guy was an unrelenting asshole who wouldn’t even admit he was wrong when there was evidence).

      And the Star Wars thing! I was just watching the finale of the last season of Lost and Jack was totally rocking a Han Solo gun. I always knew there was a reason why he was my favorite.

      And SiL was pretty horrible–there were so many obvious/dumb jokes in it I was amazed, and yes, Gwyneth won an Oscar, and it won Best Picture (over Saving Private Ryan no less). The saddest thing though is the fact that it was co-written by Tom Stoppard, who is an amazing playwright…

  3. Matze November 13, 2009 at 8:28 pm #

    I think I remember that thread. I remember glancing over it and closing it pretty fast before I had to write something in all of my rage. There’s hardly any resemblance between Cillian Murphy and that guy. And it wouldn’t even make for a great twist if it was Scarecrow. I can’t for the life of me come up with stuff like that. Nope, I’ve been trying for five minutes now to come up with something. It’s either Lost-related which is no good because the series thrives on crazy theories or I debunk it myself a few seconds later. Life must be so colorful when you’re a stupid fanatic. I envy their creativity.

    Sooooo, you have a Josh Holloway banner, your blog’s name is something out of Lost and it took you that long to watch the season 5 finale? And how can Jack be your favorite? He messes things up so often and is pretty much hated all over the internet. I absolutely love to hate him but he’s not my favorite. That would be season 1 Locke. Sad to see him go down like that. Maybe they did change the past with the bomb and they’ll bring him back. Only a few more months. Any thoughts on that season 5 finale? I was screaming at the top of my lungs when the screen faded to white. What a messed up way to end a season.

    Oh, I found a crazy, insane theory that I will defend to my death. But it’s videogame-related, so no point in writing it down.

    • itsfreckles November 14, 2009 at 1:29 am #

      Well, I may or may not have been re-watching the finale… 🙂

      I like Jack because he messes shit up all the time! That is what he does, and I expect it. He is stubborn and arrogant; he’s been true to character from the start and that’s what I like about him. He seems realistic when others frusterate me by being something one episode and something else in another. Season one Locke is certainly amazing, but overall he is definitely all over the board for me. I can see why people hate Jack, but I like that I know how he is going to react in situations because he has been written so true to character. Does that make any sense?

      The finale was definitely insane! But they all are and I never want to have to wait for the next season to start up. I’ve given up trying to figure out any of it basically. I’ll go down one path and realize it doesn’t make any sense and then I just have to stop thinking and go with it. But that’s okay, I like that!

  4. Matze November 14, 2009 at 8:59 pm #

    I get where you’re coming from with Jack. Like I said, I love to hate him. When a character makes me scream at the TV it really means something. But I don’t think the other characters fluctuate that much. Kate has always been a selfish whore and Locke has always been a bit up his own ass. They flopped around a bit but I get their development. Sawyer’s was maybe a bit much. But it’s better than a character always doing and saying the same for a whole season. Waaaaaalt!!! Where is my son? Bring me my son!! They took my son!! Waaaaaaalt!!! Ugh…

    I watched the first two episodes of V last night. I enjoyed it pretty good. Much better than FF. But I couldn’t get the crap out of my head that douche on IMDB wrote. I you were really nutty about it you could certainly see the criticism on Obama but what’s the ultimate message then? Is Obama trying to get the US universal health care to fatten you all up so he and his alien friends can eat you later? I can’t not see the parallels now. I hate that I’m so easily manipulated.

    And what’s wrong with you, answering me on a Friday night at 1am?

    • itsfreckles November 14, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

      What do you mean? Friday night at 1 am is prime anwering comments time for me!

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