A little Spring Awakening, a little Craig from Degrassi

6 Dec

This post is incredibly belated, since I saw a tour production of Spring Awakening about a month ago, and am finally posting about it. I was going to post right away, but then my apartment was dirty and the end of Mogambo was on television and I had to read Hamlet and by and by I forgot.

Anywho, this play is utterly perfect. It is basically my favorite. It won like a million Tonys and shocked the world with it’s sexuality and general badassery. Now, the orginal female lead, Lea Michele, is on Glee, which is also my favorite, and the orginal male lead, Jonathan Groff, was in Woodstock, which neither myself nor anyone else saw, but that’s okay because he is going to be on Glee pretty soon too!

"When I'm on Glee, all your dreams will come true."

The most exciting things about the production that I saw were:

  1. I got on stage seats, so I was this close to the actors.
  2. Craig from Degrassi was the male lead. That means I was this close to CRAIG FROM DEGRASSI!!!!!!!!!!

If you don’t know who Craig is, he was on a Canadian teen soap called Degrassi (obvs) and he was bascially the best character because he had mental problems and drug problems and he destroyed hotels like a pro and he broke all the girls hearts. This is what he looks like (he is the one being fondled):

And not only was I this close to Craig from Degrassi, but I was this close to Craig from Degrassi’s naked ass! Here is a visual diagram:

There is a sex scene in the play that requires the two leads to get a little naked, and I sat on the side that Craig’s ass was aimed towards. It was quite disturbing actually, and I felt like a creep looking, but I did anyway. Sorry? Anyway, now I can tell people when we’re watching Degrassi reruns (which is basically every minute of every day) that I saw that guy’s ass. And I bet they will be very, very jealous.


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