Love Letter #7: The Walkmen

15 Jan

Dear The Walkmen,

You guys are the first concert I went to sans parents, way back in 2004. I was a high schooln’ youngster back then, and I didn’t even know you were the opening act until I was standing in the lobby of the venue and your merch was sitting there (including Piano Monkey) and I was like “wh-huh?” then I fainted. Not physically, just mentally. It was the best surprise ever! And even though most of the audience seemed a bit lethargic during your set, I thought you were better than the opening act and have seen you twice since!

The best thing about you guys is the fact that every album you put out is different from the previous one, and yet they are all Walkmen-y and SO GOOD. I also love the fact that your albums come out regularly; I feel like You & Me just came out, and yet you’re set to release something this spring! Yay!

Music doesn’t get any better.




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