Cold War Kids. The Fillmore. San Francisco. 01.23.10

24 Jan

My friend and I went to see Cold War Kids at the Fillmore Saturday night, and they were amazing (duh). The opening act was Alec Ounsworth, which I didn’t even know until I got there and I asked the girl next to me who the opening act was, and she was like, “It’s ‘something’ Python,” and I said “Is it like ‘shiny’ or something?” and the girl said “I think so” and I realized it was one of Alec’s many bands, Flashy (not shiny) Python. It’s always the best when you’re actually excited to see the opening act, and it’s even better when they put on a show as good as Alec Ounsworth/Flashy Python/the 20 other side projects he listed. They even played a little Clap Your Hands Say Yeah(!), when the end of a really epic song (which I think was a bunch of songs strung together) turned into “Upon this Tidal Wave of Young Blood”, one of my all time fav CYHSY songs.

Cold War Kids put on a high energy show that was one of the best I’ve seen (even better than themselves (I also saw they at the Fillmore last May)!). The audience was singing and dancing and clapping and generally going nutz, so much so that the lead singer, Nathan Willett, made a comment that it sounded like [the band] was doing ‘alright’. 

The Kids played a really amazing set, from “Saint John” (the best) to “Coffee Spoon” (my fav) to “Hang Me Out to Dry” (obvs) and “Golden Gate Jumpers” (San Francisco!); it was just one great song after the other. They were also lots of fun to watch: running around the stage, Rain Man forehead-touching each other, playing weird ‘instruments’ (a wine bottle, what I think was a metal pizza platter). And as an added bonus, they recorded the entire show and all attendees get to download it for free. How do you say, ‘very niiiiice!’ (Borat joke.)

Here are some pictures I took at the show (along with some pics of CWK from last May!):

Alec Ounsworth. The Fillmore. 01.23.10


Cold War Kids. The Fillmore. 01.23.10

Cold War Kids. The Fillmore. 05.07.09


All pictures by moi!


3 Responses to “Cold War Kids. The Fillmore. San Francisco. 01.23.10”

  1. grstralnic January 25, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    that sounds like it was awesome, I like the Cold War Kids and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! is awesome

  2. Lindsay a.k.a Busty St. Clair January 25, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    Sooooo jealous

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