Love Letter #8: Carnivale

7 Feb

You are about so many things–a traveling carnival in the American dustbowl, a boy named Ben who can heal people with one touch, a preacher named Brother Justin who has powers of his own, various carnies trying to make ends meet, the ultimate battle between good and evil–SO MANY THINGS! So many things that are dark and thoughtful and creepy and interesting and SO GOOD.

Carnivale, you complete me.

For one, your characters are layered and complex and real; Ben may be the center of the story but he is far from a hero. He’s cynical, arrogant, rude, in constant need of a bath–but he’s also sad and scared and ashamed, and I don’t know if I want to slap him or give him a hug.

It's called soap. I'm pretty sure they had it in the 1930s.

 And Sampson, what can I say? Remember when you shot that dude from The Mummy even after you pretended like you weren’t going to? Straight up gangster.


Brother Justin is another great example of tortured mixed emotions, but unfortunately for him, he comes with the worst sister ever. EVER. (Frak off and die, Iris.)

Carnivale, I am sad you got canceled before your time; it was worst decision HBO ever made (other than passing on Mad Men).

Now I’ll never know if Ben ever became not an asshole (but I still love him!).




2 Responses to “Love Letter #8: Carnivale”

  1. Rish C. Malish February 7, 2010 at 1:48 am #

    Sampson is pretty much the best character in anything, ever. Or damn near it.

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