Oscar Oscar Oscar!

7 Mar


Best Picture.

Best Director.

Original Screenplay.

Sound mixing, sound editing and film editing.

You deserve it.

Thank you Oscars, for reaffirming how irrelevent the Golden Globes are by awarding the films that truely deserve it.

I thought the ceremony was pretty well done and as entertaining as it could be. It was extremely long, but it always is, so there isn’t really any point complaining about that. I liked that they decided not to perform the nominees for Original Song; that was always the most boring part of the show, and I think getting to hear the Original Score nominees instead (set to break dancing!) was much more interesting.

How hilarious was it when Colin Farrell, Julianne Moore, Tim Robbins etc. came out to talk about how great the Best Actor nominees are at acting (and life), and when it was Colin’s turn to talk about Jeremy Renner, his reference film was S.W.A.T. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. S.W.A.T.! “We all knew Jeremy was destined for an Oscar nomination when we saw the masterful way he portrayed a run-of-the-mill cop in a run-of-the-mill action movie. Good job,” said Colin Farrell. Christ. You could tell both Colin and Jeremy were very confused. They were both like “I erased that film from my memory five years ago.” They could have at least had a co-star from North Country or Dahmer. Those films weren’t magnificent by any means, but Jeremy was good in them, and at least they weren’t S.W.A.T. (And in the case of North Country, they could have had Charlize Theron do the honors. Her little anecdote could have been about how Jeremy christened her with the nick-name Ass-Nuts!)

Dear Sean Penn: Just shut up and tell us who won Best Actress (Sandra Bullock). Thank You.

Oh, and Rachel McAdams, your dress was beautiful.

All in all, a pretty successful night, I think. Just 364 days until the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

p.s.: I guessed 19 out of 24 winners correctly in my Oscar predictions! Whoohoo! (Apparently there were no surprises!)


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