18 Mar

I caught the premiere episode of FX’s new show Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant and Walter Goggins and a bunch of other actors. I liked it.

It’s about a US Marshall (?) named Raylen (just call him Ray, please) who gets transferred back to his hometown in Kentucky after issuing a ‘you have 24 hours to leave town or I’m going to shoot your ass’ warning, and then actually following through. Even though you can’t really do shit like that in the not 1800’s, technically the other guy pulled first, so Raylen’s not in too much trouble, and it gives him plenty of opportunities to say, “It was justified.” JUSTIFIED LIKE THE NAME OF THE SHOW, JUSTIFIED.

Raylen’s arch nemisis is an old coal mining buddy named Boyd Crowder who, in Raylen’s absence, has become a neo-nazi and a bank robber and a bazooka enthusiast:

bazooka funtimes

Is it weird that he is my favorite character on the show? (And by favorite I mean most interesting, not that I think what he does or represents is my favorite. Nazis=bad.)

Anyway, keep it up FX! I love me some western-style Timothy Olyphant and I need a good show to watch right now while Lost is…building up to being more exciting?


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