Oh Lord, Vampire Diaries fans, what now?

25 Apr

I was on tumblr this morning when I came across Fuck Yeah Vampire Diaries Secrets, a blog where people submit ‘secret’ thoughts & desires about the show; it’s something like Post Secret for people who don’t have lives.

This person got it right:

I like the big red stamp on her face in the second picture so much I’ll give you a pass for misspelling ‘too.’

Then I saw these about Jeremy and Weredouche, and it made me feel like I must be missing something…

Haha, “Please fuck now,” indeed.

If anyone is handy with photoshop I highly recommend submitting something hilarious, but not too mean, so they will actually post it. If you do, let me know which one it is and I’ll repost it here so we can all admire it!


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