True Blood Dinner Party S03EP2: Oh Sookie!

20 Jun

Okay, so I wasn’t around for the dinner party portion (it’s Father’s Day!), but I did catch a later episode, and I have to say, nice job True Blood! I haven’t really enjoyed an episode since the end of the whole Fellowship of the Sun thingy last season when Eric tried to sacrifice himself for Godric. Remember that? And then Godric committed suicide by blue fire? (Okay, that part was the worst but the rest of it was awesome.)

Anyways, this episode was actually good. Like, I enjoyed myself for reals! Good job Eric, you’re still the best! And Sam, it’s nice to see you werecollie’n it up again. And Tara–I still hate you but I think the new vampire dude will make you more interesting. And by interesting, I mean violent. Oh, and the new vampire dude is Forney from Where the Heart Is. Don’t even try to pretend like you haven’t seen that movie at least thrice out of the billion times its been on cable. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE.

Bill gets rescued from the werewolf attack of the last episode by the King of Mississippi, who comes riding up on a white horse. A fucking white horse. He is all like, “Come on, these werewolves work for me anyway. Obviously I have no control over them, but look at my fancy riding jacket.”

Best Bill face ever? Yes, I think it is.

Bill has to go with him because he is the King (ha!) and they go to his mansion where he is held prisoner because they want to make him a Sheriff in exchange for information on Queen Sophie Anne (the most terrible of them all, Evan Rachel Wood). Whatever, vampire politics, blah blah. Also, fancy vampire food:

Meanwhile, Sam is hanging with his new found bio parents when he decides to run around as a dog with his dog brother, who tries to get him killed. What a dick! The good news: Sam continues be to adorable.

Give him the Oscar for best Werecollie!

Lafayette stops Tara from killing herself (and normally I like Lafayette!) and then he takes her to see his crazy, racist, homophobic mom in the mental institution to scare her straight. She is like, “Yep, don’t want to be that,” and then she meets Forney Vampire at Merlottes. Later, he helps her beat up a couple of hillbillies who were pissing on the spot where Eggs was killed. (That is perhaps one of the weirdest sentences I have ever written.)

Jason is being funny again, so good job! You did “get one” Jason, hooray! All that football in high school finally came in handy!

Sookie is running around trying to find out what happened to Bill, which inevitably brings her to Eric (and also an excellent Bill impression) who lies to her about the Nazi Werewolf scar. OH MOTHERPHUCK I FORGOT ABOUT THE NAZI WEREWOLVES. In the last episode Sookie and the ginger vampire, Jessica, find one of the werewolves that kidnapped Bill, and they see a brand on his neck of a Z (but with two lines, I think) and Sookie is like, “What is that?” So Jessica takes out her iPhone and is like, “I’ll Google it.” TWO SECONDS LATER, she is like, “Oh, it’s the mark of a Nazi Werewolf.” HUH? I know iPhones are dope and all, but wow. Just wow. What did she type in anyway? “Z brand (with two strikethoughs) on some dude’s neck,” and Google is like “NAZI WEREWOLF, DUH.”

So yeah, there are Nazi Werewolves (wasn’t that one of the fake trailers in Grindhouse?) and Sookie gives this information to Eric who pretends not to know anything, but really he knows EVERYTHING.

Herr Northman

He has a super dramatic flashback like so:

He is thinking, “I used to hunt the Werewolf Women of the SS with Godric, back during the war. It was awesome.” The major point of this flashback is that the Nazi Werewolfs are being commanded by a vampire, and also Eric needs to control his feelings better. (And this is how we know he is starting to really fall for Sookie. Oh Sookie! First Sam and then Bill and then Eric and then Snoop. Who next? Please not Forney.)

So Eric doesn’t tell Sookie at first but he changes his mind later when Sookie is in danger because he wants to hit that and then he tries to convince her to invite him inside to “protect her.”

"Trust me, you will like it."

Sookie declines but is then forced to because there is a Nazi Werewolf in there and Eric goes in to fight it and then the episode ends.

ALSO: Terry is the cutestcutestcutest ever, don’t you think? HE HAS AN ARMADILLO THAT HE NURSED BACK TO HEALTH NAMED FELIX. Best.

Also, this:


2 Responses to “True Blood Dinner Party S03EP2: Oh Sookie!”

  1. Sadako June 21, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    Never seen this show but this is making me want to watch!

    • itsfreckles June 21, 2010 at 10:57 am #

      It is so bizarre and ridiculous that it is kind of fun to watch for laffs (though it is better with a good friend with a sense of humor than someone who actually likes intense soap operas, because then you might feel bad for making fun of it while they’re trying to watch).

      And sorry if my recaps make absolutely no sense but that is basically how the show works, so whatever.

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