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Splice: it's alive!

6 Jun

Oh man, this movie. Jeez! Not what I expected. It was good, but CREEPY. And not in a sci-fi horror kind of way, but in an Adrien-Brody’s-character-why-the-hell-would-you-do-that kind of way. If you see this, you will know what I’m talking about. YOU WILL KNOW.

This film was less of a horror film than I was expecting anyway, which is good because I’m not much of a horror fan (I am a Brody fan though, so that’s why I went). And I liked that the creature wasn’t CGI the whole time, and when it was, it was done pretty well.

This film will definitely stick with me for awhile, even though it wasn’t mind blowing or anything. (Sidenote: Brody’s plaid suits may haunt me far longer, I fear.)

While we’re on the topic of Brody, this is the best:

Grade: Splice B-, Brodyquest A++


Another Justified post

24 Mar

He didn’t rape you, did he?

–Chief Depty Mullen to Raylen Givens, after an escaped convict stole Raylen’s badge, gun, car and hat

It’s still good, in case you were wondering. (And you can download the pilot episode for free on iTunes. I suggest you take iTunes up on that.)

"Go get my pilot episode for free before I shoot you or something."

Oops Free People, you made the 'Floral Slouch Clog'

9 Mar

OMG Free People, did you like, look into my personal dream diary or something when you designed these? They are liek, sooooooooper purrrrfect in every way! You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for clogs with floral fabric attached to them and buckles attached to the floral fabirc. SO CHIC. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

It’s confirmed–GUYS LOVE HEELS!!!! cruzphx is totes right when he said that the “height of the clog with the slouch of a boot is very, very chic”. VERY VERY CHIC! What about these boots doesn’t scream chic? Even the price confirms how chic they are!

God, I just hope I can get my mom to buy these over the internet! Moms are so up tight about using credit cards online! UGH MOM IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL ITS CALLED THE FUTURE.

Hangin' with Leo!!

26 Feb

In this day and age everyone knows Leonardo DiCaprio as the ‘doohly apphointed fedahral mawshal’ from Shutter Island, but do you remember when Leo was just a rambunctious youngster, pulling his hair back with headbands and doing karate kicks in parking garages? Now you do:

Leonardo Retardo was such a ladies’ man! If I wasn’t 6 at the time I’d be all over that!

Gabe & Max deserve all the Oscars

24 Feb

Via Videogum.

Valentine's Day is around the corner…

6 Feb

The Cat Piano

18 Nov

Nick Cave can do no wrong…

Who’s hoping for a feature-length already?