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Picture of the day 04.07.10

7 Apr

Isn’t this the most wonderful thing you have ever seen?


Jonsi's solo album–in English!

22 Feb

Oh man, I cannot wait for this. I like me some Sigur Ros, but you can only listen to that for so long before you start to imagine you are some kind of special glitter fairy in magic unicorn land. This sounds basically the same, but a little less ambient, I think. It’s just strange to hear Jonsi singing in English. I’m so used to him singing in his made-up language of ‘Hopelandic’ and Icelandic. I guess being able to understand what he is saying (sometimes) will mitigate the daydream coma you go into after listening to Takk

Go is out April 6th on XI Recordings.

Cold War Kids. The Fillmore. San Francisco. 01.23.10

24 Jan

My friend and I went to see Cold War Kids at the Fillmore Saturday night, and they were amazing (duh). The opening act was Alec Ounsworth, which I didn’t even know until I got there and I asked the girl next to me who the opening act was, and she was like, “It’s ‘something’ Python,” and I said “Is it like ‘shiny’ or something?” and the girl said “I think so” and I realized it was one of Alec’s many bands, Flashy (not shiny) Python. It’s always the best when you’re actually excited to see the opening act, and it’s even better when they put on a show as good as Alec Ounsworth/Flashy Python/the 20 other side projects he listed. They even played a little Clap Your Hands Say Yeah(!), when the end of a really epic song (which I think was a bunch of songs strung together) turned into “Upon this Tidal Wave of Young Blood”, one of my all time fav CYHSY songs.

Cold War Kids put on a high energy show that was one of the best I’ve seen (even better than themselves (I also saw they at the Fillmore last May)!). The audience was singing and dancing and clapping and generally going nutz, so much so that the lead singer, Nathan Willett, made a comment that it sounded like [the band] was doing ‘alright’. 

The Kids played a really amazing set, from “Saint John” (the best) to “Coffee Spoon” (my fav) to “Hang Me Out to Dry” (obvs) and “Golden Gate Jumpers” (San Francisco!); it was just one great song after the other. They were also lots of fun to watch: running around the stage, Rain Man forehead-touching each other, playing weird ‘instruments’ (a wine bottle, what I think was a metal pizza platter). And as an added bonus, they recorded the entire show and all attendees get to download it for free. How do you say, ‘very niiiiice!’ (Borat joke.)

Here are some pictures I took at the show (along with some pics of CWK from last May!):

Alec Ounsworth. The Fillmore. 01.23.10


Cold War Kids. The Fillmore. 01.23.10

Cold War Kids. The Fillmore. 05.07.09


All pictures by moi!

Love Letter #7: The Walkmen

15 Jan

Dear The Walkmen,

You guys are the first concert I went to sans parents, way back in 2004. I was a high schooln’ youngster back then, and I didn’t even know you were the opening act until I was standing in the lobby of the venue and your merch was sitting there (including Piano Monkey) and I was like “wh-huh?” then I fainted. Not physically, just mentally. It was the best surprise ever! And even though most of the audience seemed a bit lethargic during your set, I thought you were better than the opening act and have seen you twice since!

The best thing about you guys is the fact that every album you put out is different from the previous one, and yet they are all Walkmen-y and SO GOOD. I also love the fact that your albums come out regularly; I feel like You & Me just came out, and yet you’re set to release something this spring! Yay!

Music doesn’t get any better.



My Favorites of 2009 (music and movies)

15 Dec

2009 is over! Goodbye 2009, you were pretty good! You were filled with great music and movies, and since giving my opinion is basically my favorite, I thought I’d share my favorite films and music of the year. Yay!







Note: this is a very odd list for me (not one, but TWO sci-fi films?!), because generally my favorite movies of the year either made me cry, or are considered ‘dark’. Now, two of those fit the bill (Bright Star, The Hurt Locker) but the others are considered ‘popcorn’ movies, which I tend not to waste my time on. However 2009 seems to be the year of the smart ‘popcorn’ movie (I’ll just pretend Transformers 2 never happened. In fact, everyone should). Hopefully that is a continuing trend into 2010! 


 1. Veckatimest, Grizzly Bear

Favorite tracks: Two Weeks, While You Wait For the Others

 2. Primary Colours, The Horrors

Favorite tracks: Sea Within a Sea, Who Can Say

 3. Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Collective

Favorite tracks: Bluish, My Girls

 4. Noble Beast, Andrew Bird

Favorite tracks: Oh No, Anonanimal

 5. Dark Was the Night, Various Artists

Favorite tracks: Blood, Pt. 2 by Buck 65, Mimizan by Beirut

The Vampire Diaries recaps: on hiatus :(

9 Nov

So I’ve come to terms with the fact that I simply do not have enough time to do a recap for last Thursday’s episode, or next. It’s really very sad for me because last episode was aces and I was looking forward to writing about it, but school, work and moving from one apartment to the next takes precedent.

If anyone reads this and is disappointed, I’m sorry and I wish I could apologize with a Twilight notebook journal for everyone, but I bet you already have one because I know how important it is to have a place to keep track of your dreams and cupcake making.  

So in consolation, remember Ryan Gosling? You know, he used to make movies? C’mon, I know you saw The Notebook like 20 times, so quit pretending like you don’t know who I’m talking about.

Anyway, he’s in a band now. And he sings. Um. Well, I guess he was always a singer (I know the embedding doesn’t work, but its worth a watch on youtube):

Haha. Good one, Ryan Gosling.

Now, he’s in a ‘real’ band called Dean Man’s Bones and you can tell how serious he is by all the black he’s wearing.

Is it weird that I kind of like this? (ps: that skeleton baby is adorable!)

So hopefully the recaps will be back on soon, and I promise to a quick overview of whatever epidsodes I skip.

Treasure Island music festival 2009!

19 Oct

treasure island

I was there. Just for Sunday though; the day with some of my favorite bands: Grizzly Bear, Beirut, the Walkmen. So basically, it was the best day. This was my first festival, even though when it comes to concerts I’ve been around the block so to speak (I am a concert whore), so I was pretty excited. The location was beautiful: a man-made island in the San Francisco bay. It was a bit cold (obvs) but that was remedied by the intense sardine-like way all the assholes who attended this event shoved their bodies up against me to get closer to the stage. Like I said, I’ve been to a few concerts in my time, and I have never been jostled and shoved about by so many mother-effing assholes at all the single shows combined than I was at Treasure Island. Treasure Island attendees–WATCH YO SELF! YOU WERE A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES!

Now that I got that out of the way, the music! Oh the music! It was wonderful. Grizzly Bear was up first.




They sounded amazing, as I knew they would, except the bass was turned up a wee bit too much. And by wee bit, I mean I think I am permanently deaf now. During “Southern Point” everyone standing around me basically looked at each other in a collective “Holy mother of God that is loud” moment, and several people plugged their ears.

Then came Beirut.

beirut 2



They were nothing short of amazing, duh. My friend and I moved out of the ocean of assholes to feel less violated, so we didn’t have the best view (not that we did up close either, we are both short) but they still sounded great. Not to mention they had a tuba solo. A TUBA SOLO.

Lastly, The Walkmen played.

Treasure Island 027

Treasure Island 018

Treasure Island 066

I had the most fun watching them, probably because I was all the way up against the barrier! So close I could caress Paul Maroon’s sweater-and-collar shirt ensemble. They were much more lively than the last time I saw them, and they played new songs, which is all one can hope for at a live show. I danced a bit, sang a bit and had a great time.

There was a chick behind me who was also having a great time, if you call being a crazy-ass bitch ‘having a great time.’ She had platnium blonde braided pigtails, some kind of sherpa-lined pink suede jacket and a white (p)leather purse. It’s probably (is) rude to judge someone based on their looks, but when they are also screaming things like, “Come over to my house” and “Fuck us” (God knows who the ‘us’ was that she was referring to; maybe she has more than one vagina?), dancing like party boy, and fist pumping (more than once I thought I was going to take one in the back of the head), its kind of hard not think “What are you doing here? This is not a Bon Jovi concert.”

It is a fact that The Walkmen have some crazy-ass bitch fans. When I saw them at the Fillmore in January some girl threatened to jump my friend after the show because she wouldn’t let her cut in front of her. The Walkmen, you should work on that. By that, I mean stop having so many crazy-ass bitch fans.

So The Flaming Lips also performed, but we had had a long day, it was cold, and the Decemberists and Yo La Tenga were up before them (which we didn’t care about) so we left early. I don’t particularly like The Flaming Lips, but they put on some insane live shows. Here is what we missed:

flaming l


I think the pictures are sufficent. Anyway, it was a good day and I bought one of the best band tees I have ever seen:

The three-eyed cat. It should be on every shirt.

The three-eyed cat. (This is not me. This is the Grizzly Bear guitarist).

So if you see anyone wearing that around town, say HI! You never know, it might be me!

p.s.: The only pictures I took were of The Walkmen, the others I found on Flickr.