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Quote of the day 04.28.10

28 Apr

Can I sit on it?

–Angelea, about the sheep she was standing next to on a photo shoot, on America’s Next Top Model


Rolling Stone's Glee cover: Gross

1 Apr

Today, as I yanked the mail out of the mailbox I saw the corner of Rolling Stone with Matthew Morrison’s sweet little face on it and I thought, Cool, maybe I’ll actually look at Rolling Stone for once.”

But then I saw the whole thing:

Ew. Just ew. This is embarrasing. If I was Lea Michele, I would be embarrased by this. This kind of obvious sexuality is lame and ridiculous, and not even representitive of the show itself. Whoever it was that said, “You know what this photo needs? More teenage* ass. Yep, definitely more teenage ass,” needs to stop making decisions that millions of people are going to see while standing in the check out line at the grocery store.

Shame on you, Rolling Stone. Shame on you, Lea Michele. Shame on you, whoever greenlit this photo.

*I know Lea Michele isn’t a teenager, but she does play one on the show they’re promoting here; therefore, she is a teen in this photo.

And Another Justified Post

31 Mar

It wasn’t as good last night. 😥

Another Justified post

24 Mar

He didn’t rape you, did he?

–Chief Depty Mullen to Raylen Givens, after an escaped convict stole Raylen’s badge, gun, car and hat

It’s still good, in case you were wondering. (And you can download the pilot episode for free on iTunes. I suggest you take iTunes up on that.)

"Go get my pilot episode for free before I shoot you or something."


18 Mar

I caught the premiere episode of FX’s new show Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant and Walter Goggins and a bunch of other actors. I liked it.

It’s about a US Marshall (?) named Raylen (just call him Ray, please) who gets transferred back to his hometown in Kentucky after issuing a ‘you have 24 hours to leave town or I’m going to shoot your ass’ warning, and then actually following through. Even though you can’t really do shit like that in the not 1800’s, technically the other guy pulled first, so Raylen’s not in too much trouble, and it gives him plenty of opportunities to say, “It was justified.” JUSTIFIED LIKE THE NAME OF THE SHOW, JUSTIFIED.

Raylen’s arch nemisis is an old coal mining buddy named Boyd Crowder who, in Raylen’s absence, has become a neo-nazi and a bank robber and a bazooka enthusiast:

bazooka funtimes

Is it weird that he is my favorite character on the show? (And by favorite I mean most interesting, not that I think what he does or represents is my favorite. Nazis=bad.)

Anyway, keep it up FX! I love me some western-style Timothy Olyphant and I need a good show to watch right now while Lost is…building up to being more exciting?

Quote of the day 03.14.10

14 Mar

Babe, they’re up in some sort of flying things!

–contestant Bret Horne after seeing an airplane, on The Amazing Race

Public Service Announcement

12 Feb

Everyone should watch the television show Damages. It is good for your health.

That is all.