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Picture of the Day 06.24.10

24 Jun


Sherlock Holmes: wait and watch it in your holmes

6 Jan

I never planned on seeing this movie, in fact I was pretty much against it from the moment I saw Watson kicking in a door/punching Holmes in the face/was Jude Law etc. but it was my mom’s birthday and the only other decent choice would have been Avatar and she’s not a big sci-fi fan, so Sherlock it was.

Overall the movie was entertaining and well-acted (et tu Jude Law!) but after discussing it with my mom a bit we both agreed that it was: too long, far-fetched and just one big set up for a sequel. At two hours and twenty mintues, it was about 20-30 minutes longer than it needed to be; several scenes were completely unnecessary and should have been cut. Some of those scenes were non-sequiters and I have no idea why they even occured. You know that bit in the trailer where Rachel McAdams ties naked Robert Downey Jr. to a bed? I have no idea why that happened. For sex appeal? I guess someone out there thought that was sexy?

The mystery also had to do with dark magic and a load of science-y stuff that some writer pulled out of his ass to explain things, and needless to say, some of it was quite ridiculous. I’d rather they had just stuck to a good old fashioned mystery with less of the flashy ‘how’d he do that?’ hooey (that’s right, hooey).

And then we get to the end and Rachel McAdams is like “Now I’m going to tell you some crap that has been happening on the side all along so I can set up the next movie. See ya soon!” and then she basically winks at the camera. Or maybe I just imagined that. They obviously knew this this movie would make a load of money at the box office and I’m sure they’ve already started production on Sherlock Holmes 2: Yo Holmes Smell Ya’ Later, which will most likely be in theatres this July.

In conclusion, this film gets an E for entertainment but a T for too long and too much riduculousness. So, rent it?

"Watson is unimpressed by my lack of moustache."