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Hey everybody, come see how cool I am!

21 Jun

Remember when I had that intense dream about Jeff Winger and Avatar 2 and platform Nike high tops and also being stalked by a murderer? Well, the funny thing about dreams is that you have more than one. And they can be about the dumbest shit ever.

For those of you who aren’t into Indie music or very small children’s television shows, that is Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT and Yo Gabba Gabba‘s Brobee. I realize that photo is probably setting you up for a far more bizarre and interesting dream than I actually had, because unfortunately I only dreamt about Andrew VanWyngarden, not Brobee. 😥

Mainly this dream was hilarious to me because I never think about Andrew VanWyngarden EVER, nor do I listen to MGMT much, and also I completely forgot about the dream until a few days later when “Congratualtions” came on the radio and like a lightning bolt to the brain I remembered–I was friends with my BFF from grade school again, and wanted desperately to impress her (which I truly did in real life). Eventually I got the chance when MY BOYFRIEND ANDREW VANWYNGARDEN CALLED ME ON THE TELEPHONE. What kind of retarded dream is this, you are asking. WHO STILL USES TELEPHONES?

Anyway, I used the opportunity to be extra flirty and then explain to my friend, “Oh, it’s just my boyfriend, Andrew VanWyngarden.”


First Jeff Winger and then Andrew VanWyngarden.

I must really want a boyfriend.

Or someone to dance with.

And the saddest part is I don’t even think she was impressed.