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Top 5 favorite films

25 Jun

Oh how I love films! Doesn’t everybody? (At least everybody who is cool, anyway.) I have so many that I lovelovelove that earlier today I was trying to figure out what my top 5 favorite films would be.  I thought 5 was a good number because 3 is too few and 10 is far too many and 8 is just stupid. I decided on two criteria: 1.) Would I want to watch this film over and over? (Not in a row of course, nobody wants to watch the same film over and over no matter how good it is, unless you are 5 or younger). But like after a reasonable amount of time has passed. 2.) Would I recommend this film to just about anyone? If both of these criteria were met and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the film, then it made the list.

5. Intermission

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Colin Farrell, Kelly MacDonald

Dir. John Crowley


“A variety of losers in Dublin have harrowingly farcical intersecting stories of love, greed and violence.”

Oh this film is great. Just funny and interesting and different. Cillian Murphy is wonderful! (And it’s pronounced “Kill-ee-ann” every single male I have ever had a conversation with about him!)

4. Primal Fear

Starring: Richard Gere, Edward Norton, Laura Linney

Dir. Gregory Hoblit


“An alter boy is accused of murdering a priest, and the truth is buried several layers deep.”

If you have not seen this movie, you absolutely must! Edward Norton is so amazing he was nominated for an Oscar (and this was his first role). This is one of those movies that will stick with you for a long time.

3. Heathers

Starring: Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannen Doherty

Dir. Michael Lehmann


“A girl who half-heartedly tries to be a part of the in-crowd of her high school meets a rebel who teaches her a more devious way to maneuver high school politics.”

“I love my dead gay son!”

2. Secretary

Starring: Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Spader

Dir. Steven Shainberg


“A young woman recently released from a mental hospital gets a job as a secretary from a demanding and eccentric lawyer.”

This one barely passed my criteria #2, only because I would not recommend this to my parents, or grandparents, or anyone who is uptight about sex. But to everyone else, this movie is so great and a really lovely love story even though it is about S&M.

1. Buffalo ’66

Starring: Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci, Anjelica Houston

Dir. Vincent Gallo


“After spending 5 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Billy is released only to kidnap a girl and force her to pose as his girlfriend in order to impress his parents.”

This movie is the best ever. I love it to pieces. The end.

Honorable Mention: Ed Wood

Starring: Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker

Dir. Tim Burton


“The mostly true story of the legendary director of awful movies and his strange group of friends and actors.”

So I lied. Top six.

Anybody want to share your top 5 favorite films? Or top 6? Or top 3? Or top whatever? I’d love some suggestions!


Love Letter #3: Jeremy Davies

27 Oct

Dear Jeremy Davies,

You are basically my favorite. 


"We have to get off this island... right now." YES I AGREE DANIEL FARADAY!

I didn’t think Lost could get any better, and then you turned up as a time traveling, tie-wearing, egg head. Who knew what Lost needed to be even better was a time traveling, tie-wearing, egg head? JEREMY DAVIES, THAT’S WHO (and probably some writers).

And how about your first film, Spanking the Monkey, where you played a character with a little bit of an Oedipal complex. Wait a minute…WHAT?! It’s okay Jeremy…you were only 23…nobody remembers that movie anyway…not even David O. Russell probably…

Oooo and Ravenous! I haven’t forgot you were in that too. YOU WERE SO PERFECT WHEN ROBERT CARLYLE ATE YOUR BRAINS (I assume).

And I haven’t forgotten about CQ, directed by Roman Coppola, which is memorable only because you didn’t have a mullet or facial hair and somehow you looked like a hipster.

"Under all that facial hair, I look like a boy."

Under all that facial hair, he is just a boy.

Then there’s Secretary. Oops, I think you just BLEW MY MIND.



Peter may not have gotten the girl, but one thing is for sure, he isn’t going to be squishing his grapes in no tightie-whities anymore! That dude has got to procreate at some point (please do not procreate).

Jeremy, please be in every movie ever made.

That is all.

Love, Freckles.