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Leap Year: trying so hard to make me not want to see it

30 Dec

I’m assuming most of you have seen the trailer for Leap Year by now, or at least the tv spots, but here it is anyway:

What kind of person grabs a man’s sandwich out of his hands and throws it out of a moving vehicle? That sandwich probably cost at least $5, and now it’s on the ground because he said something slightly rude? If I were giving some chick a ride across country somewhere and she threw my sandwich out the window, I would throw her out. Just sayin’.

I think my favorite part was when she tripped and fell down the hill which was basically a slip n’ slide and she rolled down so far that the scene had to cut like three times before she landed in the mud. Falling down sucks double time in Ireland I guess.

And I’m super over the whole “American girl who is obsessed with her Blackberry and then causes an entire Irish town to blackout because she has to plug in her HUGE adapter” story line. It’s like hello–SEEN IT A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE. Or maybe I’m confusing that with the whole “falling in love with a hot stranger and then finding out that your boyfriend is actually a jerk so it’s okay to leave him for the new guy” story line…nope definitely not.

And I can’t believe they have to pretend to be married and sleep in the same bed and stuff! A boy and a girl sleeping in the same bed?! THAT IS NUTZ!!!  And of course there’s that one guy who is like “make out with your wife in front of me please NOW” and then they have no choice but to do it because what other choice is there? Trick question! There is no other choice!!!  Will that kiss somehow cause them to unwittingly fall in love with each other? I seriously doubt it, but maybe!!!!!!!!!!!

Also this:

Whoever wrote this must have gone to the same poster writing school as this guy. I saw this poster for the first time in the theatre and I was actually embarassed by it because I had basically just said I wanted to see it. This poster made me look like an ass.

And as an added bonus the wonderful people who wrote Leap Year are responsible for such masterpeices as Made of Honor and Surviving Christmas, starring everybody’s favorite actor Ben Affleck.  

Well, I’m going to see it anyway because MATTHEW GOODE.

"Was there ever any question about it?"


Up in the Air: the most depressing airplane ride

28 Dec

I was a bit disappointed by this movie. There was less humor than I was expecting and a lot more life is one long sad airplane ride of melancholy. The acting was good so far as that goes, but then again Zach Galifianakis and Danny McBride were both in this and were decidedly less funny than they could have been but whatever.  

People keep saying this movie is going to win Oscars or something (I don’t know what people I’m referring to, but I’m sure they exist) but I think those people just haven’t seen The Hurt Locker yet.

My Favorite TV shows of 2009!

18 Dec

1. Dexter

You may be fooled by my blog title and banner into thinking that Lost is my favorite show, but this season of Dexter was absolutely incredible and I have lots of love for it. Every episode ends on a yessssssssIlovethisshow moment and I have to say this season was one of the best. John Lithgow was the bees knees, and I’m still a little dumbstruck by the last moments of the season finale; I have no idea where next season is headed, but the writers are so damn good I know it surprise me. Michael C. Hall for a Golden Globe!

2. Lost

What can I say other than this show has been great (season 2 aside) all along and I cannot wait to see how they tie everything up! Season 5 was especially great because of Jeremy Davies.

3. Glee

Easily my favorite new show of the year. So funny, so touching, so lively. I love all the characters (minus Terry), especially Jane Lynch’s hilariously mean cheerleading coach, Sue Slyvester, and Chris Colfer’s diva extrodinaire, Kurt Hummel.

4. Being Human

A vampire, a werewolf and ghost are all roommates in a London flat… sounds like a terrible joke, huh? Well actually it makes a jolly good show that has a great mix of seriousness and humo[u]r.

5. Flight of the Conchords

Obvs, this show is hilarious. I will be sad to see no more, but at least they’re going out on a high note. RIP third best folk rock band from New Zealand living in New York!

6. Mad Men

Sometimes this show frusterates me to no end (Don may be a man whore, but I don’t need to be introduced to every woman he duets with!) and refuses to satisfy my burning need to know things (where is Peggy’s baby for chrissakes?!) and then there’s Betty (UGHUGHUGH), but I still love it. Especially Joan! You’re the best, girl! And I think the set up for next season promises to be a lot more fun, full of power plays and Pete’s whiny face and most importantly, JOAN!

new year, new diary entries

16 Dec

Merry early Christmas everybody! I have a clip for the next Vampire Diaries episode and after you watch it I bet you’ll barely be able to wait until January 21, when it airs. THE NEW YEAR CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!

 Looks like Elena discovered Bump-its and Forever 21.

My Favorites of 2009 (music and movies)

15 Dec

2009 is over! Goodbye 2009, you were pretty good! You were filled with great music and movies, and since giving my opinion is basically my favorite, I thought I’d share my favorite films and music of the year. Yay!







Note: this is a very odd list for me (not one, but TWO sci-fi films?!), because generally my favorite movies of the year either made me cry, or are considered ‘dark’. Now, two of those fit the bill (Bright Star, The Hurt Locker) but the others are considered ‘popcorn’ movies, which I tend not to waste my time on. However 2009 seems to be the year of the smart ‘popcorn’ movie (I’ll just pretend Transformers 2 never happened. In fact, everyone should). Hopefully that is a continuing trend into 2010! 


 1. Veckatimest, Grizzly Bear

Favorite tracks: Two Weeks, While You Wait For the Others

 2. Primary Colours, The Horrors

Favorite tracks: Sea Within a Sea, Who Can Say

 3. Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Collective

Favorite tracks: Bluish, My Girls

 4. Noble Beast, Andrew Bird

Favorite tracks: Oh No, Anonanimal

 5. Dark Was the Night, Various Artists

Favorite tracks: Blood, Pt. 2 by Buck 65, Mimizan by Beirut

Love Letter #4: Joan Holloway

15 Dec

Dear Joan Holloway,

You are the best part of AMC’s Mad Men (aside from Don Draper’s suits). You are smart, sassy, funny and feminine–the kind of woman we need to see more of in entertainment (and Mad Men for that matter). 


You add a much needed liveliness to a sometimes (a lot of times) depressing show and your red hair and fashion sense is amazing.

Season three was kind of suckage only because you were off doing your own thing with your husband, who is terrible. Why did you marry someone so terrible?! I don’t understand this, but I am confident you will kick his sorry ass to the curb next season, or at the very least hit him in the head with another vase.

Do it again! Please?

Love, Freckles

Hollywood, you are officially the worst

13 Dec

What the hell is wrong with America? Do we have to remake every decent piece of entertainment that comes out of other countries to make it more ‘accessable’ (stupid) for American viewers? Let the Right One In, Lost in Austen, Being Human and now this:

Has become this:

“This is one sad family.” What? Did whoever write that go to school and major in writing obvious taglines that I think are supposed to be sarcastic but are just stupid? If so, they nailed it.

Not to mention the trailer looks like they used the same exact script except they took out the believablity and replaced it with heinous overacting, which I think can be inferred just by comparing the posters. “Okay Luke Wilson, look skeptical. No, more skeptical, like really REALLY skeptical. And girl standing in the middle, look like you’ve just seen something shocking, but also look sexy. As a matter of fact, look more sexy than shocked. And guy standing next to girl in middle who isn’t Tracy Morgan, make the dumbest face possible. Perfect.”

America, please stop it.